Monday, September 8, 2008

One beta, two beta, three beta, more!

Well... I have been given access to the Wrath of the Lich King beta... but at this time, I'm afraid I can't bring myself to use it much.

There's not much detail I can go into at this point, other than that the brief hour or so I did play yesterday still has me somewhat in 'awe' of the whole deathknight area. It brought back the "wow-factor" of the game for me. The art is improved. The quest lines are obviously well thought-out and creative. It's just plain FUN. The area is incredible, the gear looks fantastic, and the dk's themselves seem to function really, really well. I had a lot of fun playing last night.

I am also currently playing in the Warhammer Online open beta, as you all know. That is going fantastically, and I now have 4 toons created. A bright wizard, a swordmaster, a white lion, and a shaman. All of them are a blast, though thus far my favorite remains the Bright Wizard. Next I will be tackling both a shadow warrior and an engineer.

As of yet, I have not managed to create a guild for the open beta. Unfortunately, it's a little tougher than in World of Warcraft... I actually have to convince 6 (instead of 10) people to come WITH me to the guild registrar in the main city, instead of being able to come to them to sign a charter.

So I've (of yet) still been unable to convince 5 others to come with me. I am going to keep trying, however! After I've tested out a few more classes, I will be working up a few more posts on how the separate career paths work etc. Should be an interresting time to be had!


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