Monday, September 8, 2008

The future of multi-boxing

I moved my priest to my new account! She is my enchanter, and this means that when my main gets a new piece of BOP gear, I don't have to bug someone for the enchant. Well, once I get my new computer that is. Hrih is 65 now, and she stands to benefit greatly from the whole multi-boxing thing. I leveled her to sixty as a holy priest, but that was when I was regularly grouping and instancing. I just don't have much incentive to play Hrih anymore. So, my plan is to have Hrih follow my druid, or one of my hunters around as they quest and farm, thus she will painlessly level. Because she HAS to level, so that she can keep up with her enchanting and tailoring! And, who knows, someday I may start healing instances again!

I am also planning to move one of my hunters to the new account. OMG, I will be able to play two hunters together!!!! With the new pet love coming out in Wrath, imagine one hunter with a tankin' pet, and my raiding hunter (who of course has the best gear) with a dps pet. What bloody fun!! Of course most folks get this thrill grouping with a friend, but...

The person I do group with the most is my son. We tried having our hunters group together a couple of times, and got into fights about proper hunter etiquette. /sigh We are both pretty pig-headed, and as happily as we usually run around together, there are some fights we don't dare approach again. That one was a killer, we did not group for months.

So, this lets me group with myself; no fear of disagreement. Woot!! I am starting to get pretty darn excited about this multi-boxing stuff!


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