Thursday, September 4, 2008

Meet the hunters: Sugarmaple

Sugar was my first 60, and my first engineer. She was my second main, after I realized that huntering was even more fun than druiding. Sugar trained a Winter Wolf as her first pet, and still has him. Since this was the era before pet families were standardized, I released the original Sarge and tamed a Ghostpaw Alpha, for the fast run speed and 1.3 attack speed, at level 27. The change took less than two minutes, therefore I feel I can still claim him as my 'first' pet. Sarge was named after my beloved dog that had died several months before I started huntering, so he is very dear to me.

As my first hunter, I admit to incredible amounts of noobishness in Sugar's leveling and first attempts at instancing. I do not think I had EVER dropped a trap, before I was 50. In my first instances, I sent my pet off after mobs in random directions more times than I like to admit. Only the fact that our GM's first main was a hunter kept my pets from getting banned entirely, I am sure.

In fact, Galthran (the GM) was amazingly kind to me, and over the course of several weeks after Sugar hit 60, he took me on runs to several instances where there were good hunter blue drops. Galthran gave me much good advice. "Feign, feign, FEIGN!!!" "Dismiss your pet before we jump!", and, most forbearing, when I was trying out an owl, he did not mention the flapping or 'whistling' (he is a warrior), but simply said, "Nice debuff."

I still mostly soloed though, and found every mining node in vanilla WoW, with Sarge and later also with Teddy, a Plagued Swine.


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