Saturday, September 13, 2008

Entering the Beta

Thursday afternoon, Syri and I made a couple of death knights and played them for the first several quests. As many others have said, the quests are fun, teach you about the class, and have great rewards. In fact, my one complaint is that you get SO much for so little work, including XP. We leveled 56 in less than an hour. I know, this is a starting zone, but still!!

Anyway, then I went on to Northrend with Blue. The first thing she did was tame a rhino. Of all the pets I have seen BRK running around with, rhinos looked the most awesome. I was not disappointed! Not only is the stomping very cool, and the knockback fun as hell, but they just look cuddly to me.

It took me an hour to figure out where the pet talents are. Of course, they are on the same window as my talents. /sigh Sometimes I can be a noob. Another thing I did noobishly was to use the knockback in congested areas, thus bringing more mobs aggroing on to us. We survived quite nicely, even before I had found the pet talents!!

Blue and Rhino ran around both the entry-to-Northrend zones, opening them up, finding all the flightpoints and quests, and killing skinnable stuff. And that brings me to another complaint. When I went to the skinning and leatherworking trainers, I found NO mail patterns, just leather. That made me a sad hunter. I hope there are mail patterns soon!

Next post...second day in Northrend!

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