Sunday, August 31, 2008

Dwarf Hunters

My first toon was a druid, and since the guild my daughter was in was Alliance, she was by necessity a Night Elf. This is my first MMO, and in the beginning I was so noobish and terrified, I had no thought of doing anything without being close to real life acquaintances.

Although I enjoyed the druid playstyle, and still do, I seriously did not like the looks of my toon. I hated her dance. I hated being flirted with. Even more shocking was when folks assumed I was a guy.

When 'Achi' was 45ish, I had to go for several months to care for my mother. My Mom only had dial-up, so I could not play. While I was away, I read massively about WoW, and haunted my guild forums and even, *shock* the Blizzard forums. I decided I wanted to be a hunter. I love animals in Real Life, and have virtually never been without at least one dog, and usually a zoo of other critters. So I planned my hunter career, deciding which pets she would have, and as she could only have two pets, I quickly realized I needed more than one hunter, so I planned three.

When I returned to WoW, I immediately made three lady Dwarf hunters. Why Dwarf ladies? I play Dwarf ladies for several reasons. I love the way they talk and dance. I am mostly Scottish in real life and the accent and step-dancing is fabulous. Also, and even more compelling, female Dwarfs do NOT look like Barbie dolls. The only people who flirt with me are Dwarf males, and this is comfortable RPing, not an invitation to cyber. When I meet another female dwarf (very rare, but it happens) we are both 95% certain that the other person is truly a female.

Achi, the druid, is seventy now, as are the Dwarf ladies, Sugarmaple, Bluespruce and Ngakma. I have my assortment of pets, and am looking forward to having five pets per toon in Wrath. But that is still only 15 pets, and there are so many great choices coming...I think it is time to get leveling a few more hunters...


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