Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Introduction!

Well, it's time for that ever-present, unavoidable "first post" in a brand new blog. Welcome to HCG: Hardcore-Casual Gamers. My name is Syri and I'll be... well, one of your hosts, anyway! This blog is something I and another World of Warcraft player thought up over the span of about a month, as we both waited with baited breath to see if we got into the Wrath of the Lich King beta.

Unfortunately, neither of us have.. at least not yet! However, it did at least lead to the creation of HCG so something good came of it, I suppose! This blog exists as our way of writing about something we care about: Gaming. We hope to bring you information, articles, and perhaps even short, funny, or interesting bits of information regarding several of the games we play. We may wander off topic now and again with posts about our lives, and don't say I didn't warn you!

Speaking of off topic, I suppose I might as well tell you a bit about myself! As I said, my name is Syri. I'm 24, living in Florida with a man and a cat, and have been gaming for something like 10 years now. Myst, Return to Zork, Diablo, EVE Online, Maplestory, and yes... Even Neopets are some of the games/sites I've frequented over the years.

For the last 3 of those, I have been an avid World of Warcraft fan, and have 2 level 70's (a boomkin and a huntard) and neumerous alts ranging from level 11 to 49. I'm an officer in a hardecore-casual raiding guild, and am an on again, off again PvPer.

When Lord of the Rings Online came out, I of course picked it up (having been fed and watered on the stories of Tolkien as a child), and I've also recently preordered and briefly played the game Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning, so you can expect to see me posting about any of those games, as well as whatever random shtick I happen upon.

Well, that's that I suppose, at least on my end! Now I'll go ahead and pass you over to my co-writer, Blue!

All yours, BS!


Thank you, Syri! I am Bluespruce, BS or Blue for short. I met Syri on a thread she created, that is now in it's fifteenth incarnation on Blizzard's "Wrath of the Lich King' forum. One day, in casual forum back and forth, we found out that we each had a yen to blog about gaming.

About me, in Real Life: I am 57, I live in Wisconsin with a dog. My two grown children and their respective SOs live within shouting distance. I've been gaming for...30+ years, starting with D&D in the mid-seventies. I brought my kids up as gamers, and our first computer game was Ultima V. They plunged into the online community in the 90s, while I puttered about with various PC games.

In November, 2004 I came to stay with my daughter and son-in-law for several months. They had just bought WoW, after having participated in the open Beta and I was immediately enthralled. I have 6 seventies, and only 3 of them are Dwarf hunters. *cough* I also have a seventy druid, a shammy and a Tauren hunter. I have hit the level cap of characters on my first account several times; altoholic does not even begin to describe it, so I recently broke down and bought a second account. On my main server I have a great guild, but still mainly solo, and hope to try to multi-box over the next few months.

I am a somewhat gimped player, since I did not grow up with computers. I also have Multiple Sclerosis, and am therefore mildly clumsy, and tend to have brain 'hiccups', brief blank patches, which make raiding harder, so I have only done a little with my main.

WoW is my only MMORPG. So far, I am not tempted by any others. So WoW is all I will be writing about in the gaming world. As Syri said, I may tell some RL tales occasionally!


Syri again here!

Well, that about sums up our first post on HCG! You know who we are and what we want to do! Blue and I will probably do articles at will... anywhere from multiple times daily to every couple of days, and we will probably write some together as well (much like this one).

We hope you enjoyed this entirely off-topic post, and... well, it seems so cliché to say but, "We'll see you again next time, folks!"

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